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Deloitte at the World Retail Congress 2023

Connect to accelerate the circular economy for retail

Deloitte is committed to enabling the retail industry in driving Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) change. As a 5-star ‘Purposeful Retail’ pillar sponsor of the World Retail Congress 2023, we brought together key industry and tech players, expertise, and insights. With keynote sessions and exclusive events, we aimed to accelerate the transition towards a more circular model for the retail industry.

World Retail Congress 2023

The World Retail Congress is one of the world’s premier events that help drive growth and inspire global connections in the retail industry. It brings together global leaders and industry executives, for innovative and strategic discussion to help face the sector’s key issues and provide conversation for change.

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Deloitte on the World Retail Congress Agenda

At the World Retail Congress (WRC), Deloitte showcased its breadth of research and knowledge through many facets and various keynotes and events. Our speaking engagements were inspired by our ‘Purposeful Retail’ pillar sponsorship. Below is an overview of our activities at the Congress.

The Global Powers of Retailing 2023 report featured the Economic Outlook by Dr. Ira Kalish, Deloitte’s Chief Global Economist. He consistently proves to be one of the most popular, regular speakers at the World Retail Congress and he will provide an updated outlook, four months into the year. With economic and geopolitical factors continuing to create new challenges for both retailers and consumers, his insights and forecasts for 2023 and beyond will be eagerly awaited.

Deloitte, with WRC and our Alliance Partner, Google Cloud, will co-sponsor the Opening Party of the Congress to celebrate the attendees and the industry. All registered delegates will be invited to be a part of Deloitte’s participation as the Purposeful Retail sponsor.

In collaboration with our new market partner, Junk Kouture, we will provide you with a unique experience, a fashion show spectacular – to showcase the industry focus on sustainability, diversity and next-gen talent. Junk Kouture is a fashion competition for young people, running in 14 countries. The competition challenges people to unleash their creativity by recycling waste material into fashion.

Deloitte and Google will launch an original piece of research at the 2023 Congress. The report presents how retailers can implement critical strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve considerable efficiencies and cost savings. The report combines Deloitte, Google, and WRC’s ambitions, insights, and expertise to move to a more sustainable industry. Together with a panel of Retail executives, we will discuss the findings and implications.


  • Maria McClay, Director of Fashion & Beauty at Google Cloud
  • Emily Bolon, CEO of Looper Textile
  • Marco Ruffa, Digital Transformation Director at Pinko
  • Andy Ruben, Founder & Executive Chair, Trove
  • Jerome Greig, eCommerse Merchandising at The North Face

Moderator: Karla Martin, Global Co-Leader Deloitte Fashion & Luxury

Envision a world where waste is turned into beauty. Get ready to see couture made from used coffee pods, recycled paper, and old jeans. Join us for a conversation with 2 Junk Kouture finalists showing their designs. In 15 minutes, you’ll be inspired by these passionate students showing us the art of the possible for a more sustainable future.

Session details:

Wednesday, 26 April | 30 mins
Venue: Future Retail Stage | Hotel Arts Barcelona
Time: 10:55 – 11:25 am CET
Moderator: Leon Pieters , Global Consumer Industry Leader, Deloitte

Sourcing a Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Student 1 | Designer of “Tale of Two Pods”, containing over 3000 coffee pods
  • Student 2, Designer of “Wrought Cast Iron”, made mainly with cans and plastic bags that usually end up in forests

At Deloitte, we are proud to partner with Junk Kouture. Our global collaboration encourages and empowers talented and passionate youth worldwide to join the fight against climate change. More about our partnership.

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At the World Retail Congress and beyond, we aimed to connect our clients to insights, solutions and partners – together driving a purposeful and profitable retail industry. Feel free to reach out to our Retail, Sustainability, Fashion and Luxury leaders and learn more about the programme or if you’re interested to together draft your organisation’s road map towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

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