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Supply chain transparency: making cocoa production sustainable and fair

Supply chain transparency is key to a more sustainable agriculture

But how do we actually deliver transparency when supply chains span five different continents and countless markets? To that end, we helped Cargill, one of the world’s leading cocoa producers, set up a digital platform called CocoaWise™.

Find out how a team of specialists from Deloitte set out to crack the problem, together with our partners at Cargill.

Better informed business and environmental decisions through aggregated data

The ability to track a batch of cocoa beans back to the farm where they were grown, allows us to prevent beans from deforested areas entering the supply chain. It’s just one example of how the digital platform, named CocoaWise™, helps food and beverage manufacturers make better informed environmental, social and business decisions. Through CocoaWise™, Cargill customers can connect more deeply to the communities from which they purchase their cocoa, allowing them to monitor first-hand the impact of their investment decisions.

CocoaWise™ aggregates the most crucial data available in the supply chain, so that Cargill customers around the world can easily access details about where, how and by whom crops are grown. The CocoaWise™ platform hosts a suite of data-driven tools – each one tailored to specific objectives – that allow the cocoa industry to steer firmly towards environmental and sustainability goals.

At Deloitte, we’re committed to helping our partners shape their business operations in sustainable ways. In addition to CocoaWise™, we’ll assist Cargill in rolling out digital platforms for palm and soy crops: PalmWise™ and SoyaWise™. By increasing supply chains transparency, we contribute to more sustainable agriculture. Together with our partners at Cargill.

Curious about how we can make your supply chain more transparent? Let’s connect for impact.

Specialists who made this possible

Naser Bakhshi

Patrick Schunck

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