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CFOs and Controllers often struggle with identifying the key revenue drivers and discovering what influences them. Macroeconomic data is not applied on the financial data and the KPIs of companies. This might results in the inability to accurately forecast Profit and Loss.

The lack of a data-driven approach can also lead to problems with fraud detection and prevention. Misstatements in accounting are also often discovered too late, e.g. during an external audit.


Tailored Market Trends is a web-based analytical tool that takes traditional audit activities to the next level. Utilization of this tool enables us to move beyond the traditional audit activities towards a more sophisticated analysis. By deriving more value from the audit process, the overall delivery is efficient, high-quality audits.

We take monthly trial balances and other non-financial figures and further enrich this data with macroeconomic trends relevant to the client’s business using our proprietary economic data and insights.

The correlations are discovered using the Pearson coefficient, and the outliers are detected by a proprietary mechanism. The key drivers of business are identified. The insights that are gained are leveraged for planning, budgeting and outlier detection.

This tool allows for continuous monitoring of various day-to-day functions.