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Sustainable Finance Magazine

Important regulations, events and publications in the area of sustainable finance and ESG

The rapid pace of changes taking place in the modern world gives organizations in the financial industry the opportunity not only to create new profit pools, but also to act in a more direct, personalized and socially responsible way. Financial industry leaders must be ready to formulate and implement fresh ideas, take bold actions and decisions, and assume new roles.

In the face of a series of strategic, geopolitical, environmental and social challenges, the pressure on financial sector leaders has never been greater. Immediately after the global pandemic, managers and executives were confronted with an increasingly diverse set of events - rising inflation, or now the war in Ukraine and the sheer enormity of challenges it entails. The present situation will emphasize the importance of responsible leadership focused on factors related to the letter "S" (social) in ESG. However, we must not forget that climate issues, while they seem secondary at the moment, are still pressing. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published another report on climate change and its impact on various regions of the world. It stresses that the risk of dangerous changes will increase over the next two decades and will involve an area inhabited by over 3.6 billion people!

Regulatory changes regarding green transition issues have gained momentum, with both their number and complexity increasing. Climate issues remain high on the list of priorities of the European Central Bank. Banks and insurance companies need sustainable business models to be ready for these challenges. The coming years offer each organization the opportunity to better position or even reposition itself in the market. The expected structural changes within the European Union will require immense financial resources. However, the benefits from the green transformation will be higher.

What is and will be happening in the area of sustainable finance? We present our Sustainable Finance Magazine, hoping it will will serve as an inspiring guide to your activities in the coming weeks.

In each issue:

  • Detailed schedule and descriptions of regulations and priorities for companies for the coming weeks
  • The most important conferences and publications related to the topic of climate and sustainable finance
  • Sustainable finance from the perspective of the insurance and banking industry leaders – case studies, thought leadership, best practices.

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