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Protecting the next frontier in cyber

Space-focused company supports growth journey with a proactive cyber approach designed for resilience.

The issue

The commercial space industry has evolved quickly in recent years as organisations identify opportunities for new business models, as well as opportunities to be a part of something bigger. The focus on space continues to drive innovation across many fields— from materials science to manufacturing to medicine—while helping to foster a greater understanding of our planet and the universe.

Along with this growing industry comes an abundance of digital data, tools and capabilities— essential for the design and operation of things like launch vehicles, satellites, control systems and the equipment that space-faring humans need. For one North American space-focused company, the growth of its business and its digital-dependant activities has come with growing cyber considerations.

Like many space-focused organisations, the company operates at the intersection of operational technology and information technology, with an extensively interconnected enterprise and an ecosystem of customers and third parties. Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of that environment has become a top priority as the business continues to evolve. So earlier this decade, company leaders decided it was time to take a bold step on cyber—to adopt capabilities that could grow with the company, positioning it for the future while enabling greater simplicity and resilience.

Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of that environment has become a top priority as the business continues to evolve.

The solution

Company leaders understood their organisation was on a journey and they wanted a companion that understood its vision and industry-specific needs and that could collaborate to achieve key outcomes. They also wanted comprehensive services that would allow them to worry less about cyber and focus more on the company vision and mission.

The company selected Deloitte as its cyber companion and chose Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) by Deloitte for managed cybersecurity services through a fully SaaS-based approach to incident management. MXDR by Deloitte provides a modular set of third-party, market-leading technologies for threat hunting, detection, response and remediation—run by an experienced team that proactively pursues threats and mitigates risks.

The impact

  • Market-leading technology suite in a single platform—provided turnkey and operated as a service—to support outcomes for IT and OT environments
  • 24 x 7x365 threat monitoring, proactive threat hunting, incident response, vulnerability management and asset mapping—all delivered with US personnel and FedRamp-certified technology
  • Enhanced cyber resiliency, with an improved ability to prevent and recover from business-disruptive events
  • Modular, cloud-native solution set to support flexibility and evolution of the business
  • A tech-enabled approach to cyber that helps reduce total cost of ownership and increase value for the business

The Deloitte difference

  • Brought industry-specific experience at the intersection of the commercial space industry and cyber operations
  • Delivered a future-facing turnkey solution that provides superior risk mitigation functionality, managed cybersecurity services and SaaS-based incident management
  • A long-term cyber companion committed to helping securely support space-related projects

Let’s talk cyber

How is your organisation getting smarter about MXDR and the opportunities that can come when you create a foundation of trust? Discover how MXDR by Deloitte and Deloitte’s worldwide team of industry-focused specialists can help you to define your vision for the future—and begin building it with confidence. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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