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Intellectual Property Law

Innovative models to help manage your IP

Deloitte Legal provides a wide range of commercial IP services, helping to drive value and growth by assisting with IP transactions as well as the capture, protection, management and enforcement of IP assets.

Achieving better legal and business outcomes, and better corporate returns

Deloitte Legal can help you with the discovery, protection and
management of intangible value. We combine global legal knowledge and
experience in intangibles with business thinking and technology to deliver a
comprehensive suite of services and solutions that increase corporate returns
and value.

How we support you

  • Discover - Identify intangible sources of value and understand how they underpin the business and drive corporate value/returns;
  • Protect - File, monitor and enforce IP rights where needed while using a broader set of controls (e.g., contracts, policies, awareness) to protect value derived from a wider set of intangibles;
  • Manage - Design, implement and manage systems, processes and strategies that support the systematic and strategic management of intangible assets and value;
  • Commercialize - Manage, monetise and extract value from intangible assets (e.g., via sales/M&A, licensing, capital raising and new business ventures).

Our full-service offerings include:

An investigation, analysis, and report of what you own, what you don’t, and what you should.

We can help you understand and navigate how IP rights can protect your technology and software assets, and those of third parties.

A comprehensive legal service supporting you to manage the value of your own data, as well as manage the risks arising from the use of third-party data.

An integral approach to confidentiality and trade secrets with practical solutions for digital businesses.

A full-service solution for trademark availability searches, protection, management and enforcement.

Our end-to-end service includes advising on design rights strategy, monitoring the web for imitators via our proprietary, award-winning tool Dupe Killer (our copycat detection solution), and providing appropriate enforcement options.

One of the ways to generate value is the ability to stop others using or replicating it. IP enforcement – and defending IP claims – are key components of protecting creativity and innovation.

Screening advertising campaigns and defending your case before deontological bodies and the courts.

Advising on IP use and assignment, including licensing, distribution, R&D agreements for co-creation and joint innovation, franchising, and sponsorship arrangements

A comprehensive and efficient approach using innovative tools to analyze IP value, status, and contractual terms to provide high-quality IP due diligence and IP risk mitigation recommendations.

Using legal tools and protections to help the digital world to work for and augment your business and its reputation.

Why Deloitte?

Our differentiated offering:

  • Legal business partner - We work with our clients to provide business solutions to legal issues.
  • More than just IP - We look beyond intellectual property rights and use a broader set of legal and non-legal capabilities to identify, protect and manage intangible assets and value.
  • Using technology to deliver more than just advice - We provide proactive technology enabled solutions (e.g., Dupe Killer) and managed services that reduce resource intensity and cost, and deliver better business outcomes.
  • The missing piece is legal - We collaborate to bring the best of Deloitte’s capabilities, helping to identify and solve your most complex business challenges with the full depth and capability of Deloitte, including a close co-ordination with Deloitte’s non-legal service lines.
  • Global integration - We offer a consistent service in major markets to support you across the globe.

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