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Intangibles, Data and Technology

Managing your assets

As data, software, ideas and intellectual property grow in significance for your business, we help you to understand, protect, develop and exploit these assets.

There’s more beneath the surface

It’s time to go deeper with your intangible assets—and it’s about more than just protecting what your business creates. While patents, copyright and trademarks remain vital to your business, Deloitte Legal is able to deliver insight-driven strategic management, helping you dive into your entire intangible asset ecosystem and drive value for your company.

A broader view is needed to include digital, data, AI Capabilities, brand and reputation. And as Chief Legal Officers are increasingly responsible for better business outcomes, intangibles represent an opportunity to integrate both business and legal considerations from the outset, while supporting your company’s broader approach.

Intangibles management—that takes the broadest view of where value resides and how these assets can be enhanced—can help your company find its best growth path while avoiding pitfalls. Now more than ever, understanding, capturing, protecting and commercialising intangible assets is crucial, given the part they play in business success and the opportunity to unlock value and deliver competitive advantage.

Let’s get to work

Taking a broader view for intangibles