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Global Family Office Insights Series

A dynamic landscape demands a strategic approach.

Family offices need strategic investment approaches, tools to benchmark performance, and plans for succession. They also seek expertise in building teams, integrating technology, and aligning wealth with family values. Deloitte Private’s Family Office Insights Series is the first of many perspectives covering the top 10 family office trends, a map of the global family office landscape.

Global events can introduce volatility into markets. Family offices can mitigate these risks by diversifying their portfolios across geographies and asset classes. On the other hand, emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and automation are transforming industries. Family offices can seek out innovative businesses positioned to thrive in this new paradigm. Is your family office prepared for the change? 

Deloitte Private's inaugural Family Office Insights Series dives deep into the 10 key trends for Family Offices in 2024. This comprehensive report, informed by a global survey and in-depth interviews with industry leaders, explores how family offices are navigating market volatility, prioritizing sustainable investing, and building future-proof teams.

Uncover actionable insights on risk mitigation, succession planning, and more to secure your family's legacy.

Top 10 Key takeaways