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Supply Chain Resilience

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Achieve end-to-end supply network resiliency through enhanced intelligence, monitoring and management of supply chain operations with Deloitte's next-generation managed services. Our global team of supply chain specialists, technology, insights and advanced AI can help you unlock greater value and thrive amidst disruptions.

Creating more intelligent and reliable supply chains

Supply chain disruptions seem to be inevitable and everywhere. From global events, natural disasters and cyber-attacks to an increasing focus on supply chain compliance, organisations may be looking for better ways to proactively identify, respond and recover when supply shocks occur. Even as the marketplace is flooded with third party risk management tools, internal supply chain teams are often faced with an information deluge and may be unable to clearly understand the “so-what” insights to help prioritise response actions.  Supply chain resilience is a business capability that requires bringing together the right people, processes and tools.

We offer a suite of Supply Chain Resilience next-generation managed services, leveraging experience across data, analytics, supply chain, industry knowledge, change management, regulatory and compliance. Through these services, we help supply chain risk management teams to minimise time spent on data analysis, cut through the noise and focus efforts on risk mitigation execution.

Here are some of the risk domains we monitor and respond to:

Supply Chain Resilience offerings

Our approach

Establish multi-tier network visibility and supply chain map with site locations

  • Illumination - Evaluate total risk exposure; recommendations on how to react
  • Risk Identification - Identify key problem areas within the clients supply chain
  • Supply Chain Exposure - Evaluate the current supply chain network and key bottlenecks
  • Network Optimisation - Implement machine learning advanced algorithms that identify macro risks to product lines; locate and alleviate choke points

Sense risks and receive alerts with daily event monitoring and network analytics 

  • Supplier Risk Profiling - Dive into over 13 different risk categories with in-depth supplier profiles and advanced search capabilities
  • Real-Time Alerts - Visualise actual and projected risks with real time data driven by machine risk monitoring capabilities
  • Intelligence Integration - Automated workflows for purchasing decisions to mitigate risk impacts; Integrate with local ERP platforms
  • Identify Risk Correlations - Determine intelligent root cause and network analysis to highlight production and supply chain risks and trends

Activate near-term mitigation or structural improvements

  • Case Management - Work in collaboration to handle real-time risks directly with suppliers and assess the overall risk exposure
  • Dashboard Views - Utilise highly customisable, persona-based dashboards to create client specific insights with deep granularity
  • Supplier Research - Research alternative supplier by product, industry and location to help ensure a healthy value chain
  • Advanced Integrations - Integrate existing ERP systems combined with Deloitte solutions to view 1st and 3rd party data


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Discover how Deloitte’s portfolio of next-generation managed services and leading-edge technology solutions, can help embed insight into your supply network operations. Contact us to get the conversation started.