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Building Insight Driven Organization

Many companies have already started with data science, but only a few of them have really benefited from it. Analytical projects show poor ROI. Models often end up unimplemented. There is no executive ownership of data science.
This is what we hear too often. We have helped our clients overcome those troubles and the lessons learnt are embedded into this unique offering for every company, no matter big or small.


Building Insight Driven Organization is a programme for companies willing to make a strategic advantage of data science. It focuses on its appropriate use, internal engagement, talent management and technology or data administration.


Data Science stands on firm links between business, data and analytics, three areas which are often too far from each other within the organization. Data science needs to have strong leadership that connects the analytical forces spread around your organization in a functional community.

Building Data Science is a project where we help you establish such a unit. We support you in the whole set-up by using our technical experts, data experts, architects and change-management experts.

The key areas are:

  • Data: Are you able to leverage all of your available internal and external sources?
  • Analytics: Are you able to analyze big data sets without using samples?
  • Visualization: Are you able to visualize outcomes of your assignments to provide meaningful insight to the business?
  • Team: Is your team well-structured with the right skills?
  • Platform: Are you using the right platforms and are you using them well enough?