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The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise

Now Decides Next

Explore findings from the Deloitte AI Institute's report tracking generative AI trends, business impacts, and challenges through 2024.

Generative AI: Optimism now. What’s next?

The defining time for generative AI is now. How we train, apply, govern, and invest in generative AI will determine its impact. The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise: Now decides next is a survey series tracking trends in use cases, sentiment, adoption, and challenges throughout 2024. Explore findings now, and stay tuned for what’s next.

Now decides next

Gain insight and follow trends from the leading edge of generative AI adoption.

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Insights from the leading edge of generative AI adoption

In our Q1 report, we find that expectations of generative AI remain high, but many leaders are feeling pressure to quickly realize value while managing risks. Greatest areas of concern include governance, talent, and potential for economic inequality. Download our current findings, and check back for quarterly reports throughout 2024.

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Q1 generative AI report

Explore Now decides next: Insights from the leading edge of generative AI adoption.

How is Generative AI generating value now?


Generative AI creates value by generating novel output of many kinds. Explore the modalities survey respondents are using now.


85% No surprise; text generation is widely used. See how.

Examples include summarizing documents, writing customer-facing materials, and explaining complex topics in natural language.


63% Code generation is being adopted rapidly. See where.

Examples include generating code from natural language descriptions and autonomously maintaining code across different platforms.


55% Audio is making noise behind the scenes. See how.

Examples include Generative AI-powered call centers and troubleshooting support for technicians in the field.


53% Image tools are generating creativity and productivity.

Examples include simulating how a product might look in a customer’s home and reconstructing an accident scene to assess insurance claims and liability.


31% Video is taking off where volume is critical.

Examples include autonomously generating marketing videos to showcase a new product and simulating dangerous scenarios for safety training.

3D Models

23% 3D is clearly a next dimension in use. See early applications.

Examples include creating virtual renderings in an omniverse environment and AI-assisted prototyping and design in a purely virtual space.

Download generative AI trends and impacts based on our Q1 survey of more than 2,800 leaders globally.

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The state of Generative AI in the enterprise: Now decides next is a research series by the Deloitte AI Institute exploring how actions taken now will likely  guide Generative AI adoption and impact.

To help leaders in business, technology, and the public sector track the rapid pace of Generative AI change and adoption within the enterprise, Deloitte is conducting a series of quarterly pulse surveys. The first wave of our survey was fielded to more than 2,800 director- to C-suite-level respondents across six industries and 16 countries between October 12 and December 5, 2023.

The Deloitte AI Institute helps organizations connect all the different dimensions of the robust, highly dynamic, and rapidly evolving AI ecosystem. The AI Institute collaborates with an ecosystem composed of academic research groups, startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, mature AI product leaders, and AI visionaries to explore key areas of artificial intelligence, including risks, policies, ethics, future of work and talent, and applied AI use cases. Combined with Deloitte’s deep knowledge and experience, the Institute delivers insights and information to help organizations better inform their AI decisions.

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