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The Change Exchange: a Deloitte Podcast

The Change Exchange is your virtual “watercooler” for discussing hot change management topics that are top-of-mind for leaders and organizations today. Our goal is to provide meaningful conversation about the change landscape, and high-impact solutions to help you achieve your desired impacts.

Latest Listen: Change Management Trends 2024

Join us for the first episode of The Change Exchange as we explore top change management trends affecting organizations in 2024 and beyond, drawing upon fresh insights and perspectives from Deloitte Global’s 2024 Human Capital and Tech Trends reports. Our host Kate Morican sits down with Mark Lillie, Technology Strategy & Transformation Consulting leader for Deloitte UK, and Nicole Scoble-Williams, Future of Work leader for Deloitte Japan , to dive deep into the trends and how they have the potential to revolutionize change management approaches globally, particularly at the intersection of people and technology. From the emergence of boundaryless workplaces to the rise of Generative AI, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities these trends present, providing pragmatic insights and strategies to harness the power of technology while nurturing your most valuable asset: your people.