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This Australia bank defined their Strategy to become the best regional bank by delivering what matters to their customers. In light of this strategy, they identified concerns with the design of their operating model and hypothesised that both the alignment of capabilities and the speed of their execution, particularly related to decision rights and accountabilities, were not optimal for delivering on their vision. 


Deloitte was engaged to partner with the client through their transformation journey towards a distinctive and innovative Enterprise Agile operating model. The aim of the model was to enable the bank to become more customer-centric, through increased agility and flexibility to quickly respond to customer needs and opportunities created by market and technology changes. 

Adaptable organisations centre their organisational design around value and how people actually work.


Our transformation partnership with this organisation saw us combine our capabilities across customer strategy, operations, culture and change, Agile and technology to:

Design a target operating model built around customer centricity and the desire for increased agility

Design the operating model and organisation structure in detail, inclusive of clarity in changed process, decision rights and governance frameworks

Develop a new way of working playbook, coaching frameworks and their agile delivery model for the future

Develop an implementation ready transition plan and launch a first significant move to signal the intent of the model to the business

Conduct leadership coaching

Conduct cultural assessments and deliver change management activities.

The future belongs to the adaptable

Deloitte Adaptable Organisation 2.0

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