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Measuring value from digital transformation - Metrics that Matter

Digital transformation strategies vary, but the winning approach is the same.

Measuring digital transformation success

Organisations often find themselves at a digital crossroads, knowing digital investments are essential to enterprise value but struggling to define and measure their success. Our new research drives this paradox home: nearly 70% of global respondents agree digital transformation is the single most important investment they can make to drive enterprise value; however, three out of four also struggle to define what success is.

Deloitte’s Measuring Value from Digital Transformation Research includes a new multidimensional framework that spans Financial, Customer, Process, Workforce and Purpose measures. This more holistic set of 46 KPIs reveals a critical gap in digital value measurement with industry and regional nuances. Value leaders that best close that gap report, on average, 20% more value from their digital initiatives. Organisations seeking to win on digital today must recalibrate the metrics that matter.