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GreenSpace Tech

by Deloitte

Together, we connect climate technology innovation with industry to accelerate decarbonisation and adaptation.

GreenSpace Tech navigates the rapidly changing climate tech landscape and identifies opportunities for organisations to both decarbonise and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

As a global orchestrator, we connect climate technologies to industry via an ecosystem spanning start-ups, research institutes, incubators, accelerators and universities. We combine start-up commercialisation and climate knowledge to support industry to unlock value through the integration of climate technologies.

We are GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte.

A place where innovative solutions meet to tackle the most complex climate challenges.

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The path to decarbonisation isn’t easy–but we’ll forge it by navigating, collaborating, creating and building together.

While technology is the essential enabler of the net-zero transition, many of the technologies required are currently in prototype phase within start-ups, universities and research hubs.

Competitive advantage in a decarbonising world is increasingly reliant on identifying, applying and scaling the best emerging and existing technologies.

This is GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte.

GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte connects those new and hard-to-reach innovations to leading businesses, fast tracks intelligence and expertise, and is focused on delivering growth through abatement pathways.

The GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte Difference

As a global orchestrator connecting hard tech to industry, we are connected into an ecosystem spanning start-ups, universities, and research institutes, to support organisations identify and access leading climate technologies to deliver on their decarbonisation goals.

With an expansive global network of leading internal and external market and engineering specialists, we provide technical and commercialisation insight and knowledge to promote application of emerging technologies that are fit-for-purpose to each organisation, to help reduce risk in application and scale.

Through a suite of leading tools, including Deloitte’s Climate Tech Navigator and TechHarbor, we will provide global coverage, and real-time data and insights for climate technologies and associated market activity (fundings, investors etc.), supporting identification of all relevant technologies, while accelerating speed to intelligence and action.

Connected across major industries and geographies, GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte supports bold collaboration opportunities to accelerate scale and commercialisation of climate technologies identified by organisations.