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Junk Kouture and Deloitte collaboration

Empowering the circular engineers of tomorrow

Mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis is a monumental task that requires all of us to take swift action—and no one is more dedicated to doing so than Generation Z.

Junk Kouture’s mission is to empower young people to embrace the principle of sustainable living. Junk Kouture consists of an education platform and a recycled fashion competition, during which young people create striking outfits from 100% recycled materials. Students are challenged to design and create haute couture from waste and recycled materials that can be modelled and showcased on world stages. Junk Kouture’s programme is aimed at post-elementary school students, ages 13-18 years and blends the importance of tackling climate change with creativity and passion.

Together, Deloitte and Junk Kouture are working to empower, inspire and reach the circular engineers of tomorrow. This has included helping to create opportunities to highlight the voice of Junk Kouture youth at Climate Week NYC, COP27, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos and a masterclass learning series as part of the Junk Kouture curriculum for participating schools, reaching more than 100,000 students globally to date.

Read the press release that announced the Junk Kouture and Deloitte collaboration to learn more.

    Global Masterclass series

    Created by Gen Z for Gen Z, this video series will explore sustainability and climate, diversity, equity and inclusion and real-talk within the fashion industry.

    Join us and Junk Kouture students in learning more about sustainability and climate in the fashion industry—and beyond! Download the conversation guide to help initiate discussions with the young people in your lives.

    Episode 1: Climate Change: A Global Turning Point

    Episode 2: The Voice of Youth at Climate Change Conferences

    Episode 3: Alternative Origins of a Garment: Sustainable Supply Chain

    Episode 4: Alternative Lives of a Garment: The Circular Economy

    Episode 5: Being an inclusive person - Part 1

    Episode 6: Being an inclusive person - Part 2

    Episode 7: Mental Fitness, Self-Awareness and Wellbeing

    Episode 8: Careers in Sustainability

    Episode 9: What It’s Really Like to Work in Fashion

    Episode 10: How Media, Entertainment and Fashion Motivate Change