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In sports, it’s often all about the win. At Deloitte, it’s no different. From providing a modern fan experience to efficient off-field operations, you need to come out on top—and Deloitte's sports practice is here to help you to build an elite sports organisation with the power to dominate the field. 

Built for sports. Built for you.

We can help you to strike first from digital innovation and cybersecurity to megaevents and transactions. With a full bench of media, entertainment, technology, consumer Products, retail and government specialists, Deloitte has the sports know-how to help support some of your most ambitious growth and transformation plans, while keeping your business operations and strategy as dynamic as the action on the field. When you're ready to up your game, Deloitte is ready to help you to rack up the wins—on and off the court.

What we do

Deloitte’s sports practice team can help you to score big with:

  • Data and analytics: Leverage data, fan insights and leading-edge technologies to develop data-driven sports analytics to power pricing strategies, operations and more in between.
  • Digital services: Assess and deliver modern digital solutions with the power to deepen fan engagement and loyalty.
  • Major events: Plan and operate successful, sustainable and engaging large-scale sporting events.
  • Sports transformation: Deliver the strategic vision and effective governance typically required to lead an elite sports organisation.
  • M&An and transaction advisory: Support comprehensive, leading financial analysis and advisory for mergers, acquisitions, sales and other major financial transactions.
  • Cybersecurity and risk: Assess, implement and operate the flexible cybersecurity and risk management solutions you need to address a range of potential threats to the modern sports enterprise.

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