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From Traditional to Digital

Combining traditional ways with modern technology to delight customers.

Since 1972, the Bank of Guam has been committed to meeting all the banking needs of its island community. With strong family-based values, this ‘People’s Bank’ has always been inspired to be the driving force for sustained, local prosperity. Almost 50 years later, this philosophy remains unchanged – but the way the bank operates and delivers has completely transformed to meet changing customer needs and preferences.

Before the successful implementation of Oracle CX Cloud across its back and front-office, the bank’s hundreds of employees used countless manual, and paper-based processes to do their jobs. Valuable time was often wasted and inefficiencies were hard to control – and knowledge about the bank’s customers was often just captured in banking agents’ heads. There was certainly no single, consolidated view of customer data which branch managers, loan officers, relationship managers, call centre agents and leaders needed to deliver a better customer experience. The bank knew it was time to provide modern digital services so it could further enhance the way it served its customers. It also knew they needed a competitive edge to deal with increasing market pressures such as compliance, regulations and emerging competitors. To modernise its operations, the bank needed an extended team of experts who could deliver a whole-of-bank transformation, enabled by the cloud.

Transformation to the cloud doesn’t have to happen overnight; it can happen at everyone’s preferred pace. The Bank of Guam’s transformation to the Oracle Cloud started relatively small, some three years ago. Since then it has incrementally been adding more capabilities to its unified platform. These days, the bank has changed the game and operates on a fully integrated Oracle cloud platform used across the bank. Not only has this been great for its people and customers, it has made the bank more resilient during uncertain times. Deloitte continues to support the bank as a managed service provider to make sure it reaps all the intended benefits from migrating to the cloud from its traditional on premise solution.

Getting a single view of the customer

Match Cloud is Deloitte’s automated, cloud-based, all-in-one data management platform for consolidating, cleansing, matching and sharing master data across multiple and disparate data sources and channels. Also, as an approved Powered by Oracle solution, Deloitte’s Match Cloud was used to connect and match multiple and disparate banking repositories to deliver a clean and single view of the customer via Oracle CX.

“Our goal was to embrace technology and use it to help boost responsiveness and accessibility to create ease and delight for our customers and employees. While we may not be 100 percent there yet, we are pleased with how far we’ve come as a result of what we’ve been able to deliver together.”

Joaquin Cook, President and CEO of Bank of Guam

“Our people remain at the heart of all we do. To create real ‘wow’ moments for our customers requires us to first focus on making things better, easier and more enjoyable for our employees.”

Lesley Leon Guerrero, Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer for Bank of Guam

Witnessing the Bank of Guam’s gradual Oracle-enabled transformation has been a career highlight for Marcelo Scalia, who joined Deloitte with his team of Oracle CX experts in late 2020 as part of a targeted boutique transaction. “We joined Deloitte to broaden the Oracle solutions and capabilities we could offer clients. And it has been fantastic to see how the bank has been able to scale its cloud platform, not just for the Bank of Guam, but for its new TASI Bank which was launched in San Francisco, US in July 2021. The new bank will provide a suit of financial services to commercial customers with its digital banking capabilities supported by the Oracle Technology backbone in Guam. We’ve literally streamlined operations in the cloud so both brands can deliver better customer experiences and maximise their customer interactions via a common suite of modern digital engagement capabilities,” says Marcelo.

Peter Nikandrow, Deloitte’s Lead Oracle Partner concludes, “Our team’s multi-dimensional skills and experience can tackle our clients’ most complex requirements – whether it’s cyber, warehouse management, functional transformation or supply chain… We make sure our clients get the full value from cloud transformation.”

Lesley Leon Guerrero, Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer for Bank of Guam, reflects on the recent transformation. “Over the past few years our collaboration with Oracle and Deloitte has helped us build efficiencies that have elevated the Bank of Guam and now TASI Bank experience. The use of technology to streamline and automate reports, workflows and processes have contributed to our backroom wins, but have also been key to introducing enhanced channels of communication and engagement, valuable tools for both employees and customers.”

Joaquin Cook, President and CEO of Bank of Guam, concludes, “Deloitte and Oracle have been key partners, helping us to seamlessly transform our traditional operations into modern, digitalised financial services for our customers here on Guam, throughout Micronesia and California.”

“We’ve carefully acquired and developed a full portfolio of Oracle capabilities to meet every clients’ unique needs – so we’re much more than an ERP shop.”

Peter Nikandrow, Deloitte’s Oracle Lead and Enterprise Technology Partner

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