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Impact Stars in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Rolla d.o.o. Mostar

Impact Star is a special category within the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 competition that rewards companies recognized for their success in creating a positive impact on society, the business community, innovation, diversity, and the environment. In this series of interviews, we aim to present the Impact Star award winners and showcase all their engagements that have impacted our society.

Rolla is an innovative platform from Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed at transforming the world of fitness. Founded in 2019 in Mostar, it quickly gained attention thanks to its mission to make fitness accessible and fun for everyone. Through the Rolla Platform, users can track physical activity, compete, and have fun.

In the recent years, Rolla has raised significant investments, and Deloitte spoke with Mr. Krezić Igor, the founder and CEO of Rolla, about their achievements, future plans, and the company's impactful activities.

1. How did the idea for Rolla come about, and what inspired you to realize it?

"It's very difficult to dedicate yourself to other aspects of life when you're preoccupied with work. At one point, I decided to focus on myself. My health was the most important thing. This project started purely from my need to get moving, to improve my mental and physical state, even if it meant introducing one habit a day.

From that need, Rolla was born as a platform with the help of a small group of people, which has grown into a large team today. I could no longer ignore my need to help both myself and others, so we created a comprehensive platform to make the process towards a healthier and happier life easier for people."

2. What were the key challenges you faced when launching Rolla, and how did you overcome them?

"The idea itself was simple, but the realization of that idea was intertwined with various obstacles. We knew what we wanted and were guided by that. We faced two significant challenges:

One of the obstacles was that Rolla World, which has some of the most creative and beautiful graphics on the market, could not be launched on all computers. Not everyone owns a high-quality computer! We decided on streaming, aiming to make Rolla World accessible on all devices in quality resolution so everyone could get moving.

The second challenge was understanding what motivates company employees to get moving, what their needs are, and how to reward positive changes in their lives."

3. How does your application contribute to promoting a healthy lifestyle, and what impact do you expect it to have on the community?

"The Rolla platform is a comprehensive solution, and we believe that it can motivate people. There's no longer a need for ten different applications or expensive hardware; everything is condensed into one platform where users can track their metrics, activities, and focus solely on improving their habits. Additionally, our virtual world allows them to train wherever they are!

Regarding the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, Rolla and its employees are the biggest ambassadors for a healthier and more active life."

4. What are your future plans for Rolla, especially regarding international market expansion?

"Step by step. We have everything we need to conquer the market, but we're not in a hurry. For now, we are focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, and after that, we will sell the Rolla platform to global companies. We aim to be ready to launch the platform for public use by other companies in September this year and fully dedicate ourselves to the company wellness world."

5. How has the Impact Star recognition motivated you to create a positive impact on our society? What are your future plans regarding societal impact after winning the award?

"Impact Star was a medal for our efforts in developing a comprehensive solution and an additional boost to justify that award.

Our plans are exclusively focused on other companies that want to care about their employees' well-being. We strive to approach them and give them the opportunity to compete in being healthier. We want companies to know that their employees' health can significantly impact their satisfaction and the company's overall work."

6. How do you see the significance of the Fast 50 initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

"The significance of the Fast 50 initiative is reflected in market recognition. It's a great opportunity for networking with potential business partners, investors, and clients. And we must not forget the media publicity throughout the region, which helps us make numerous connections.

This is truly an initiative that will give everyone a boost and help them achieve their goals and realize their ideas."

7. How do you see the future development of the IT industry and startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region?

"There are many highly capable people in the country who only need the space to realize their ideas. We are witnessing an increase in the number of startups and their contributions."

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