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Deloitte Real Estate Confidence Survey for Central Europe 2023 – the fifth edition of our report on the overall sentiment in the real estate industry.

January 2023

For the fifth time, we asked real estate market participants for their opinion on the current condition of the industry and their plans for the coming months. Despite the fact that the first months of 2022 saw an improvement in sentiment, the outbreak of war in Ukraine significantly contributed to the loss of optimism among all real estate industry participants. Nowadays, the entire real estate sector is faced with numerous challenges, among others stemming from the ever-rising prices of construction materials and costs of investment financing.

The results of the survey do not inspire confidence. More than half of our Central European respondents anticipate a slowdown in the overall market activity, and the loss of optimism is expressed not only by investors and developers, but also by market advisors. This is strengthened by the fact that only 15% of the investors taking part in the survey are planning to develop new projects in the coming months, with the rest focusing on the existing investments and observing the market. A lack of enthusiasm is also evident among developers. While just 4 years ago the biggest challenge for this group was the shortage of investment land, now investment financing seems to become their major concern.

We would like to encourage you to read our publication to get familiar with the results of our survey and find out what plans developers, investors and real estate market advisors have for the coming months.

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