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How Quebec found relief in testing times

A bus driver. A school teacher. A woman unable to visit her sick father. Nurses on the frontline. In this video, see how their lives were upended in the pandemic, then put back on track with the help of an innovative COVID-19 testing system in Quebec.

From siloed systems to connected communication

Fighting the pandemic requires fast testing, clear communication, and timely analysis. With a new end-to-end screening, scheduling, and result delivery platform, Deloitte helped Quebec’s Ministry of Health move from reactive processes to proactive strategies.

At the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, both public and private organizations were forced to develop fast, piecemeal solutions to tackle the challenges of the pandemic. But Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) had a vision to proactively combat outbreaks by optimising the testing and screening processes for its citizens. Its goal was to reduce complexity, improve connectivity, automate manual tasks and create a more efficient patient experience. Deloitte Canada’s approach was to create a centralised platform that gives citizens their appointments and results faster and ministry workers the tools they need to get ahead of the virus in their community.

Deloitte put together a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists in operations, digital services, security, and change management to build a customised ConvergeHEALTH Connect solution, powered by Salesforce technology. MSSS’s new platform connects and optimises every step of the testing journey for both citizens and health workers. Citizens can now find all the information and tools they need on a single, easy-to-use platform. And health and ministry staff are spending less time triaging operations and more time reducing outbreaks.

Within twelve weeks of launch, over 100 testing centers across 34 health establishments in Quebec were onboarded to the ConvergeHEALTH Connect management platform. The new solution has supported more than 20,000 appointment bookings per day and has reduced wait times for results from three days to less than 16 hours. Crucially, public health leaders have fast and efficient access to real-time results data. That’s giving them the insights they need to be nimble, strategic, and proactive in the fight against COVID-19 in their communities.


Click on the link to download the Deloitte Digital/Salesforce whitepaper Developing a Digital Triage to Fight COVID-19

The results


Testing centers onboarded


Appointment bookings per day


Decrease in test result wait-time

People who made this possible

Susan Sterling

Deloitte Salesforce Assets & Solutions Leader

Yohan Gaumont

National Digital Consumer Leader