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Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals

Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals portfolio provides a set of industry-specific assets for chemical producers and distributors looking to accelerate their digital transformation.

As the world goes digital, the chemical industry is under pressure to deliver faster, more precise and smarter solutions. Customer needs and behaviours are evolving as the B2B marketplace becomes more consumerised, and exponential technologies combined with data science are moving into the mainstream. With such massive changes in the industry, it’s time for chemical companies to shift their focus from the product to the customer.

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Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals

Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud comes with a pre-configured data model tailored to chemical producers and distributors, giving you a combined dashboard view of both customers and partners. After shipping samples of products under development, our solution’s structured follow-up process helps you better meet the needs of your clients and convert samples into sales. The pre-built back office integration is ideal for surfacing supply chain, financial and other data to provide a seamless experience.

Drive the next phase of growth for your business by combining easy access to view and purchase your product portfolio with improved collaboration between customers and partners. Our solution expands on standard Salesforce Community and B2B Commerce Cloud features and offers pre-built components to ramp up implementation for chemicals producers and distributors.

Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals offers multiple features to enhance Salesforce:

  • Sales processes adapted for chemicals with account planning, visit management and competitor insights
  • User-friendly sampling process with easy internal and external warehouse integration
  • Pre-configured global reporting incl. UoM
  • Easy and seamless access to product portfolio
  • Integration with Sales and Service Cloud modules for a 360-degree customer view
  • Subscription service for product information and related documents to stay up to date with future changes
  • End-to-end sales cycle from sampling to commercial orders
  • Easy interaction via digital channels with an advanced notification engine
  • Seamless integration with Sales and Service Cloud workflows efficiently combines digital channels and human interaction
  • Comprehensive customer collaboration for product development incl. feedback loops, self-service capabilities or even chat bot integration
  • Pre- and post-purchase journey tailored to your needs including product search, product portfolio definition and check-out flow integrated with your backend systems

The infographics illustrate the various use cases for Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals:

Our customer “Woodly” is starting to work on a new product called “Better Wood” – a wood finishing oil that contains high quality and complex chemical ingredients. As a co-creator of the “perfect outdoor finish”, we deploy Cloud4M to boost our business and find different ways to support “Woodly”.

After thorough consideration of various competitors, competing products and their product features, Woodly has decided to source the product ingredients with us instead of going to the competition. That makes us the official supplier for the new product as well as a co-creator and collaborator for Woodly.

After developing the “perfect outdoor wood finish” with our co-creators at Woodly, it’s time to start selling the new product in our web shop.

Overview: The benefits of Deloitte Cloud4M for Chemicals

  • Unified user/customer experience available within weeks and scalable at the enterprise level
  • Flexible architecture for easy integration into any legacy landscape
  • Extendable with additional modules from the Salesforce product portfolio and the AppExchange AppStore for initiatives such as marketing campaigns, lead generation, etc.
  • Intellectual property (IP) is transferred in full to the client – no lock-in contracts with ongoing service fees
  • User and customer experience at your fingertips – flexible, measurable and actionable

Deloitte’s integrated solution Cloud4M for Chemicals supports end-to-end customer engagement, delivering better customer insights that enable you to connect in new ways and enhance the customer experience from marketing and purchase to after-sales service. With the integrated features for creating new products and services, you can leverage opportunities to improve existing offerings, acquire new business and harness valuable data from smart technology.