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From Tradition to Reinvention

Reimagining the future of a timeless brand

How did H. Moser & Cie. break through the age-old traditions of the luxury watch industry and transform its customer experience for the brave new world of Web3? By being bold and embracing everything the future has to offer

What’s next?

The innovative technologies and customer experiences explored in the Genesis Project collaboration have wide-ranging applications beyond the watch industry. They could ensure that customers of other luxury items such as jewellery, or art, own the authentic item. Similar digital tokens could be deployed by manufacturers to prove the authenticity of airplane, auto or robotics parts, or by life sciences organisations to ensure medications are genuine and to securely store customer data. The technology could be a powerful tool for companies to authenticate responsible sourcing of materials, whether in mining and energy, or the food industry. The opportunities are endless.


Click on the link and scroll down to find out how to download the full success story behind H . Moser and Cie.’s Project Genesis.

People who made this possible

Antonio Russo
Innovation Leader and Partner
+41 58 279 7441

Karine Szegedi
Consumer Industry Leader
+41 58 279 8258

Fabien Lopez
+41 58 279 6098