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From biomethane to climate neutrality

Gaining ground towards sustainability in Flanders

Fluvius is the Flemish public utility grid operator responsible for the networks in all Flemish City and municipalities, bringing electricity and natural gas to homes and removing wastewater through the sewage system. It’s also charged with public lighting on Flemish streets. In its mission to help build the Flanders of tomorrow, the organisation is instrumental in making the energy and climate transition possible.

As part of this pursuit, this grid operator is investigating the usability and efficacy of biomethane in the energy mix and its impact on decarbonisation and the transition towards climate neutrality in its managed networks.


Fluvius, a key utility provider in Flanders, collaborates with Deloitte to explore biomethane's potential in decarbonisation. Together, they assess its viability and impact, advancing sustainable energy solutions for a greener future.

“The energy and climate transition is an ‘and-and’ Stories. Next to electrification, we will need clean gasses, such as biomethane and hydrogen for the energy mix of the future. Today biomethane is underexposed in Flanders, although there is potential to also develop this energy carrier. At Fluvius we bring parties together, on the one hand through our pipeline network, but also on the other hand by bringing together interested developers and users to develop supply and demand.”

- Joris Soens, Transition Manager at Fluvius

“Biomethane is a no-regret path to pursue. Biomethane enables an acceleration of the greening of the energy system and a reduction of the associated total system costs. At the same time, it promotes a local circular economy and reduces our dependency on energy imports. By putting in place the right regulatory framework and incentives, a significant potential can be unlocked, corresponding to more than 15% of the future energy consumption of clean molecules in Flanders.”

- Stijn Vercammen, Senior Manager Climate & Energy at Deloitte

Deloitte supported Fluvius by assessing the supply and demand profile of biomethane and building a business case for its use. Our Climate and Energy team presented the enterprise with a strategic view on the potential role of this alternative energy source, Offerings policy recommendations that will be delivered to public authorities. Together, Deloitte and Fluvius aim to further facilitate users in this essential energy and climate transition. 

About Fluvius

Fluvius, a vital grid company, operates across all Flemish City and municipalities with a dedicated team of 5,400. They oversee the infrastructure for electricity, gas, sewerage and heat, ensuring seamless connectivity for customers. Additionally, Fluvius manages public lighting, maintaining and enhancing street lamps for the community's benefit.

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