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Canada's Beloved Discount Retailer Embraces Change


With a legacy of serving Canadians with discount retail merchandise for years, Giant Tiger's commitment to change -- by revamping its financial management, investing in its workforce and embracing a customer-centric mindset -- positions it for even greater success in the future. 

Giant Tiger stands proudly as Canada's favourite discount retailer, operating an extensive network of 263 shops offering an array of products, from fashion and general merchandise to grocery. For the past six years, the company had utilised an internal system that adequately catered to its in-house requirements but needed to be more robust when it came to meeting financial needs and efficiently managing its workforce. Giant Tiger started on an exciting journey towards enabling much easier self-service for its store owners and corporate cost centre managers, backed by the transformative power of Workday Financials.

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Enhancing Capabilities:

The challenge

Giant Tiger wanted to improve its financial management capabilities and more efficiently manage its workforce. To address this, Giant Tiger recognised the need for a comprehensive overhaul of its internal systems, a bold transformation to modernise.

Embracing Change :

The solution

To address the challenges in financial management, Giant Tiger undertook a comprehensive overhaul of its internal systems. The company actively implemented user-friendly self-service tools that empowered its store owners and managers to make informed decisions tailored to their unique business requirements.

A bold transformation like this came with inherent risks, but it also opened doors to immense opportunities for growth and innovation.Giant Tiger mitigated potential disruptions with careful planning and collaboration with the expert assistance of Deloitte.Together, they navigated the complexities of converting a vast volume of supplier data to ensure a smooth transition.

Empowering Stakeholders:

The impact

Giant Tiger understood the criticality of sustaining uninterrupted transactions and timely supplier payments. This digital transformation unlocked immense potential for Giant Tiger's finance organisation and end-users across the entire company. Streamlined processes, data accessibility and real-time insights empowered stakeholders to make well-informed decisions and optimise their daily operations.

Giant Tiger’s enduring legacy of serving Canadians for years is bolstered by embarking on this transformative journey, with a strong focus on empowering stakeholders and streamlining operations to secure a thriving future. Giant Tiger now stands at the forefront of innovation, well-equipped to delight its customers, nurture supplier relationships and thrive as Canada's beloved discount retailer for years to come.

From the project's inception, Deloitte had been an essential partner, working hand in hand with Giant Tiger's IT team. The collaboration facilitated a seamless transition to the new system, enabling the company to efficiently bring in sales data, process payments and approach month-end tasks with confidence. 

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