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Deloitte’s FSConnect is a powerful suite of assets and accelerators that spans the full spectrum of financial services

The future of financial services

FSConnect is a comprehensive portfolio of assets and solutions, that combines Deloitte’s breadth of industry experience with a vast ecosystem of digital technologies to help Financial Services organizations stay competitive in our ever-changing environment.

FSConnect is designed to help organizations elevate the human experience, empower employees, and enhance productivity. It can help turn the opportunities of digital transformation into a sustainable business future. Bringing real-time customer insight across the service experience, enabling real-time, personalized support and empathy at scale.

The future of financial services needs a new customer-centric digital ecosystem. FSConnect can help Financial Institutions manage growing complexity, and put customers at the center of it all.

Benefits of FSConnect


FSConnect showcases how Financial Services Cloud can be configured to deliver technology driven client impact across various personas in financial service.

Highlighted capabilities include:

  • Personalized financial guidance
  • Self-service customer portals
  • Proactive chatbot engagement
  • Omni-channel engagement
  • Connected data to draw insights
  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis
  • Integration of emerging technologies
  • Digital workflow management


Explore FSConnect solutions and accelerators

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