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Deloitte Health, Oracle Accelerated

The future of health centres around connecting data with care to cultivate a better future - for your organisation, your people and the communities you serve.

Building a system of health for the future

Deloitte and Oracle bring the experience and technology that can help to connect the healthcare ecosystem and help create a modern, human-centric health operating system. When personalised care is more equitable and widely available, with empowered healthcare professionals providing the best that modern care has to offer, it can lead to healthier, happier and more productive communities. 

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Navigating transformation with Oracle

This perspective examines the Deloitte 2024 Global Healthcare Sector Outlook through an Oracle lens exploring how organisations could capitalise on each theme by applying connected, intelligent technology platforms. We hope it sparks ideas for harnessing the power of the Oracle ecosystem and Deloitte’s deep sector experience to create data-driven, humancentric healthcare experiences—and ultimately reimagining the future of health.

    Deloitte and Oracle Alliance

    When you work with Deloitte and Oracle, you are harnessing three decades of collaboration and success. You are creating a platform for acceleration, ideation and transformation. You are harnessing deep industry experience, innovative technologies and powerful solutions. And you are choosing to embrace change with confidence, clarity and purpose. You are creating a better future - for your organisation, your people and your customers.

    "Our goal is to empower consumers to control their own healthcare journeys while giving providers the means to deliver both better human and financial outcomes."

    - Hashim Simjee, global Oracle healthcare leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP