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Smarter Customer Experience Solutions—Contact Centres powered by Amazon Connect

In this age of many choices, customer satisfaction is more important than ever.

The best contact centre solutions depend on knowledge that is accessible, appropriate, accurate, and actionable.

Are you looking to drive business growth, reduce costs, increase operating income, and promote customer loyalty? Are you looking for faster call resolution, real-time and historical insights, and improved agent effectiveness? Deloitte’s data-driven approach, powered by Amazon Connect, brings industry specific solutions customised to your business’ specific needs to power your call centre, empower your agents, and deliver on a best-in-class customer experience seamlessly across channels.

Deloitte’s TrueServe™ Blueprint (described in detail below) is your guide to providing a more enlightened and enhanced customer experience utilising AWS Connect, AI and other key AWS technologies to provide a smarter and more engaging experience while enhancing your contact centre processes and costs. Deloitte’s approach can utilise our TrueServe™ tool – a fully integrated suite of contact centre technologies offering the right service, on the right channels; or a bespoke approach with our multitude of industry specific accelerators to create an experience tailored to your specific business and customer needs.

Beyond that, Deloitte stands ready to serve with over 8,000 AWS certifications, over 6,000 people focused on customer experience and contact centres across the globe and entire practises dedicated to Amazon Connect along with leading edge Analytics and Cognitive thinking. Deloitte’s digital transformation and contact centre experience is here to assess, advise, migrate, implement, and streamline your contact centre operations using Amazon Connect.

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Deloitte with Amazon Connect – Leaders in Customer Satisfaction

Deloitte is the leader in global contact centre transformations for a reason. We understand the customer experience and have experience delivering these solutions for organisations in every industry worldwide.

Deloitte has awards and worldwide accolades in CRM and CX (including strategy, people, operations, process, and technology capabilities for Customer Service) with capabilities across:

Contact Centre operations

Technology and infrastructure

Cyber, privacy, and risk

Change management

Tax credits and savings

Also consider our renowned domain expertise that tailors your contact centre transformation to your specific business needs and priorities. We deliver pre-built solutions and ready-to-use scenarios across all industries, including healthcare, insurance, banking, retail, technology, media and life sciences.

Amazon Connect: A simple to use, cloud-based contact centre that scales to support any size business

Endless capacity

Utilising cloud solutions is 30%–50% less expensive than on-premise solutions, avoiding legacy cloud technology costs, while providing a foundation that will grow as your business grows.

Improving customer experience while lowering labour costs

Seamless self-service is not a nice to have, it’s expected, and when done well, when properly informed by data, can reduce call volumes by up to 24%.

Pay as You Go offers feeds that reflect only what you use

Lower subscription costs by 31%, reducing per-member, per-month cost and only pay for what you need. Capacity that is there for you when you need it, but not a burden when you don’t.

Presenting TrueServe™ by Deloitte Digital

TrueServe™ is an integrated contact centre solution built on our best-in-class technologies and infused with our service transformation insights and industry-specific accelerators. Designed to deliver a better human experience while creating a more intelligent and efficient contact centre, TrueServe™ can be delivered in a modular fashion, with the flexibility to meet you where you are on your journey.

More Contact Centre Accelerators

  • Proactive Customer Engagement : Enable digital engagement & outreach programmes across channels utilising Amazon Pinpoint and other key services.
  • Compliance-enabled Voicemail : User friendly front-end UI supporting backend architecture, driving the Deloitte voicemail solution for Amazon Connect.
  • Real-time Translation Services : Enables customer interaction in their language of choice, while the agent receives and responds in English.
  • Respecting Your Customer’s Time Through Scheduled Callbacks : Reduce long waits by offering callers a callback at a scheduled time of their choice.
  • More Intuitive Administrative Consoles : Front-end interface acts as a business user-friendly abstraction for a variety of Amazon Connect configurations.

Deloitte and Amazon Connect in Action

See how we helped NGOs quickly provide millions of refugees with vital information utilising Amazon Connect.

Learn how we helped an HHS department amplify the efforts of thousands of medical volunteers.

See how we helped a TMT company enhance engagement with job candidates with Amazon Connect.