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Deloitte expands global Generative AI footprint with wider incubator network

To meet growing client demand, Deloitte adds eight locations to its network of Generative AI incubators around the globe, providing clients with regional capabilities to better explore, scale and build Generative AI solutions.

New York, 15 April 2024 — Deloitte today announced the expansion of its global Generative AI (GenAI) incubator network to include regional hubs in the US, Canada, India, Egypt, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal and Romania—allowing clients to experiment and innovate with GenAI technology and to develop, deploy and scale solutions in their local markets. The GenAI incubator network allows clients to tap into Deloitte’s industry experience, build innovative GenAI solutions and scale them within their organisations to stay agile and competitive in the market.

“Many organisations are struggling to gain momentum with GenAI. Recognising the incredible potential these powerful solutions have to differentiate their businesses and drive new value, clients need access to the right tools and experiences to define their GenAI ambitions and turn them into reality,” said Stacy Janiak, Deputy CEO, Deloitte Global. “Our incubators help address those business challenges, providing end-to-end capabilities for understanding and exploring what is possible with GenAI—all supported by Deloitte’s reputation for quality, trust, delivery speed and the depth and breadth of our services.”

Growth of the GenAI incubator network comes as business leaders across industries increase their focus on GenAI. Deloitte’s recent State of Generative AI in the Enterprise survey found that while almost 80% of business leaders globally expect the technology to drive substantial transformation within their organisation and industry over the next three years, only 8% of them feel “very highly” prepared for GenAI’s incorporation into business strategy. Supported by Deloitte’s relationships with leading software, hardware and cloud vendors, the GenAI incubator network offers clients a safe and tested mechanism to address specific market needs and further deploy and scale GenAI solutions with built-in trustworthy guardrails across their organisations. 

Deloitte’s network of GenAI incubators has already helped clients deliver more than 500+ projects with our alliance and technology relationships, accelerating business progress by unleashing the power of GenAI. These new applications not only can help to deliver process efficiency and cost reduction for Deloitte clients, but also help these organisations to unlock greater value across their enterprises—in the form of new insights and discoveries, faster innovation and accelerated business growth.

With a full spectrum of tailored AI services and its deep industry and domain knowledge, Deloitte supports organisations at each stage of their journey, from developing AI strategies to building, implementing and scaling GenAI solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency, drive growth, innovation, new discovery and insights and ultimately deliver transformational client impact. Additionally, through the Deloitte AI Academy™, Deloitte is training more than 120,000 professionals on GenAI. The Deloitte AI Institute, as the key eminence vehicle, shares industry-leading knowledge and uncovers cutting-edge technologies around GenAI.  

To learn more about Deloitte’s Generative AI services please visit here for an overview.