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Deloitte announces new managed end-to-end enterprise cloud security and compliance offering with AWS: ConvergeSECURITY

With escalating security demands, Deloitte leverages the power of AWS to deliver managed cyber solutions to enable end-to-end enterprise cloud transformation and adoption

ANAHEIM, CA, US, 13 June 2023 — Deloitte, a leader in global cyber services, today announces it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver ConvergeSECURITY, a cloud focused security and compliance service.

ConvergeSECURITY allows enterprises to accelerate their cloud transformation efforts through a combination of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled cloud security and compliance product solutions, consulting expertise and tailored resources leveraging actionable security threat intelligence and Amazon Security Lake, all in conjunction with the AWS Global Partner Security Initiative.

Looking ahead, according to the Deloitte US Future of Cloud Survey Report, 87% of organisations plan to increase their cloud investment by at least six percent over the next couple of years and many by more than 20%. With the exponential increase in cloud use, enterprise cloud adoption continues to be hampered by concerns over security and compliance in complex hybrid technology environments—especially as businesses over-subscribe to security software products from multiple vendors. ConvergeSECURITY offers a single solution for ground-up secure cloud migration and transformation, compliance and security, incident response and resiliency-managed services that can scale with enterprises’ cloud transformations. The solution also delivers innovative technology at a time when enterprises grapple with the global cyber talent shortage, including an estimated 3.5 million unfilled cyber jobs through 2025.

“In today’s complex technology environment, security enables competitive advantage. An attacker can get into your organisation in seconds. Humans or traditional tools can’t analyse data fast enough to cover all of the data that is coming into an organisation. Enterprises that invest in putting cyber solutions at the center of digital cloud transformations will be best positioned to succeed long-term,” says Emily Mossburg, Cyber leader, Deloitte Global. “With ConvergeSECURITY, the fusion of Deloitte’s world-class services and solutions and AWS cloud security services with a go-to-market approach is a market differentiator.”

By leveraging Amazon Security Lake and Amazon Bedrock, a Foundation Model API Service, and Deloitte’s security and compliance services, ConvergeSECURITY is designed to allow enterprise customers to effectively analyse greater volumes of data than ever before. AWS and Deloitte are delivering on the promise of actionable security data, allowing threats to be detected earlier and allowing incidents to be resolved through automation. By doing this, the service is able to provide a much more robust security posture, reduce both the cost and time to resolve a breach, and ensure that both regulators and internal risk management find the solutions to be positive.

ConvergeSECURITY allows enterprise customers the opportunity to collaborate throughout the cloud transformation journey to acquire the best practices and experience to streamline their efforts. The solution focuses on four areas of cloud security:

  1. Manage—Putting guardrails in place to reduce cyber risk.
  2. Detect—Identifying and avoiding the risk of attackers getting into a system.
  3. Respond—Acting in response to a potential threat.
  4. Recover—Ensuring an orchestrated response to minimise downtime.

AWS and Deloitte excel at providing the specialist knowledge and proven security solutions to allow secure cloud migrations for existing and new customers. Organisations now have the opportunity to incorporate one resource into their business infrastructure to ensure they are keeping their entire enterprise safe from escalating threats while enabling innovative cloud transformations.

“We are delighted to be working with Deloitte to provide our customers with security solutions and expertise that enable secure cloud migrations,” says Julia Chen, vice president, Partner Core at AWS. “ConvergeSECURITY gives regulated enterprise customers a faster, safer means of cloud adoption—transforming how businesses operate today.”