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Deloitte Legal expands its Employment Law & Benefits practice

A team of experienced lawyers joins the firm

Warsaw, 02 November 2021
Katarzyna Sarek-Sadurska joined Deloitte Legal in November 2021 as a partner and head of the Employment Law & Benefits practice in Poland. It is our response to the growing demand for labour law services from our clients and yet another confirmation of the continuous development of Deloitte Legal on the market.

For almost 14 years, Katarzyna Sarek-Sadurska has been focusing on the broadly understood HR law, providing services to employers across all sectors. She has extensive experience in both individual and collective labour law. She specializes in advisory services linked to the relations with board members and senior managers, especially in regulated markets (i.e. listed companies and the finance sector). In recent years, she has been leading the campaign to make HR processes paperless.

I am very happy to be joining Deloitte Legal, as it will be an opportunity for me to take on new professional challenges. Together with the team, we will be building our offering for clients that represent various industries. We will also combine labour law services with new technologies. I still want to promote the idea of digitisation of business documentation

- says Katarzyna Sarek-Sadurska.

Over the last few years, Katarzyna Sarek-Sadurska was the head of the remuneration practice for the sectors of finance and public companies at Raczkowski . She cooperates with many industry associations, including the Polish Chamber of Brokerage Houses (IDM), the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), and the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG). Further, she has authored many publications and articles on labour law.

In addition, in the course of November and December 2021, Magdalena Skwara (Senior Managing Associate), Wojciech Kwiatkowski (Senior Managing Associate), Iza Gawryjołek (Managing Associate), and Maciej Mioduszewski (Associate), who previously worked for Raczkowski, will join the team led by Katarzyna Sarek-Sadurska at Deloitte Legal and will help to further develop our employment law practice.

This expansion of Deloitte Legal is closely linked with the interest in employment law services from our clients. Our goal is to create the broadest possible offering, and Katarzyna will help us achieve it. Together we will create a strategy for further growth in order to provide our clients with the highest quality services,

- says Tomasz Ostrowski, the leader of Deloitte Legal Poland.

We are also keen to continue working closely with experts from other Deloitte tax practices. This way we will be able to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions in all HR domains which nowadays include not only the tax aspects of employment, but also new areas of employment law, such as migration, the assignment of employees, and remote working,

- he adds.

Employers today face growing market complexities, from legal and regulatory changes to the technological and social forces that are transforming the future of work. At Deloitte Legal we work closely with our colleagues in tax, finance, consulting, and risk advisory to bring our clients integrated solutions to these challenges. The expansion of our employment practice, with the addition of Katarzyna and her team, builds on this multidisciplinary approach and allows us to continue offering our clients timely, practical solutions, with their business in mind,

- said Simina Mut, Deloitte Legal Central Europe leader.