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From learning to legacy

Imagine setting new records for innovation or sustainability. When we build on learning, legacy is possible.

“When you’re part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, whether you’re a venue manager, a badminton player or an athlete liaison officer, it's your moment in the light to shine and add your unique thing.”

- Mark Lillie, Sports Industry Leader, Deloitte UK

Many people dream of their home city or region hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those in a Host City Organizing Committee face the complex task of delivering the world’s largest sporting event. When seemingly the whole world turns its eyes upon the host city, the stakes could not be higher. 

Delivering the Olympic Games involves thousands of people, each solving complex problems to put on the largest sporting event in the world. Just as athletes build on past performances, future editions of the Olympic Games can build on learnings from previous competitions. Because legacy starts with learning. 

At Deloitte, in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), we have developed a digital Olympic Games Learning Platform that is intended to systematize and scale access to learnings from the IOC and previous editions of the Olympic Games. We plan for this to become an important information hub, easily accessible for a new Organizing Committee, helping those involved to do their jobs better and dream bigger. 

Supported by this pioneering learning platform, each of those involved in the Olympic Games should be able to see greater possibility and make greater impact. To aspire and work towards setting records for sustainability, inclusion, innovation, and beyond. And to feel proud of a legacy that will inspire future Olympic Games for years to come.  

Mark Lillie - Sports Industry Leader, Deloitte UK

Mark is the Sports Industry Leader in Deloitte UK and Deloitte Global Lead of Technology Strategy Services. He was heavily involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games London 2012 and is the lead partner for Deloitte’s work supporting the IOC's Games Insights and Learning Programme.

Becky Galea - Director, Innovation and Ventures, Monitor Deloitte UK

Becky is a Director within the Innovation and Ventures team in Monitor Deloitte. She leads the Games Insights and Learning Programme for the IOC.

Arya Menon - Senior Manager, Reputation, Crisis & Resilience, Deloitte UK

Arya is a Senior Manager within the Reputation, Crisis & Resilience team in London. She has worked closely with the IOC since June 2020 across a wide range of areas. She currently supports the Games Insights and Learning Programme, focusing specifically on operational readiness.

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