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Piotr Mechlinski

Director in Risk Advisory → Cyber and Strategic Risk, Government & Public Services | Risk Analytics & AI Leader for Central Europe

Piotr Mechliński is a director and expert in the field of artificial intelligence. For over 15 years, Piotr gained his experience working for IBM, Teradata, SAS, and Microsoft, developing the technology business and implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence and data analytics. While working at Deutsche Telekom, Piotr introduced innovative products to the market, including a cloud platform and mobile payments. He was awarded the unique "Best of IBM" distinction for business development and "Microsoft Gold Star" for team management. Piotr also received three "Innovation of the Year" awards, and his publications appeared, among others in Forbes and Harvard Business Review. For many years he was an MBA lecturer in the field of data analytics and project management. His superpowers are analytical and strategic thinking, leadership, creativity, and persistence in pursuing a goal. Privately, he loves traveling with his family to Tuscany, is a professional freediver and mindfulness teacher.