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Mitja Kumar

Partner, Consulting

Mitja Kumar is a partner at Deloitte Slovenia's consulting department, leading the portfolio for Strategy, Analytics, Mergers, and Acquisitions. He also serves on the Deloitte Central Europe board of directors. With over 18 years of consulting experience, Mitja specializes in banking, focusing on operational transformation, strategy, organizational design, risk management, credit processes, HR policy, efficiency improvement, cost-cutting, product development, and sales initiatives. He has recently tackled IT-related projects and has advised clients across insurance, retail, and heavy industry sectors.

Mitja's finance background has driven his focus on optimizing finance functions and procurement, with additional experience in production and media. He has led major projects and supported teams as a subject matter expert. Noteworthy achievements include preparing restructuring plans for banks under EU state aid regulations, leading Post-Merger Integration projects in the SEE region, and overseeing digital strategy and transformation efforts. His work also spans developing business models, conducting financial and IT due diligence, and redesigning processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Mitja's extensive experience and leadership have established him as a trusted advisor in the consulting industry.