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Jakub Garszynski

CE Growth Leader

Jakub is the Chief Growth Officer of Deloitte Central Europe and member of the Deloitte CE Executive. He drives the growth strategy and execution across 19 countries in the region. Jakub is responsible for providing Central European clients with the best of Deloitte and addressing their most complex issues thanks to the depth and breadth of the firm's sector expertise. With a background in technology, Jakub has accumulated over 18 years of professional experience. Prior to his current role, he was the CE Ecosystems & Alliances Leader, with the aim of increasing the revenue of technology services through collaboration with software and platform providers. He also managed the Google alliance in CE, overseeing the joint business with Google as well as serving Google as a client. He has led Cyber business in Poland, where he and his team delivered solutions and guidance to clients on various aspects of cybersecurity. He is a happily married father of two and a passionate long-distance runner.