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Bartek Zajac

Partner in Risk Advisory → Cyber and Strategic Risk, Technology, Media & Telecom

Extended Enterprise leader for Central Europe (CE).​

Bartosz joined the firm in 2011 as intern and for the last 11 years he has been contributing to development of Extended Enterprise practice in CE.​

His primary field of expertise is software license compliance. Throughout his career, Bartosz participated in several hundred license reviews of world’s biggest software vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, Micro Focus, SAP, Autodesk, Citrix, Veritas, VMware and Dassault.​

He has broad international experience: aside from engagements in Central Europe, he was working in Deloitte office in Madrid, Spain, serving the clients from Iberian market.​

On top of his business affiliation, Bartosz leads ​Clients & Industries area at Risk Advisory in Poland.​