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Marcelino Alonso Dobao

Deloitte Spain Chair

Appointed: June, 2023

Resides: Spain

Age and gender: 57, male

Business background: Business Process Solutions (BPS)

Industry: Financial Services

Current Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte Spain Chair
  • Deloitte Spain Private Leader
  • Deloitte Private Global Board member
  • Deloitte Spain Business Committee member

Previous Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte Spain Board member
  • Deloitte Spain Business Process Solutions, Madrid office partner
  • Deloitte Spain Risk, Ethics and Integrity Committee of the Partners Advisory Council Leader
  • Deloitte Global Business Process Solution Clients & Industries Leader


Marcelino is currently Deloitte Spain Chair. Responsible for the Financial Services Industries (FSI) Business Process Outsourcing (BPS/S2G) in Spain. Leader of Deloitte Private in Spain. Representative member for Spain on Deloitte Private Global Board. Member of the Business and Committee of Deloitte Spain. Trustee of Deloitte Foundation, Spain. 

Marcelino began his professional career at Deloitte in 1988 in the Administrative and Financial Outsourcing Division (BPS). In 2003 he was appointed Partner. 

Marcelino has led projects into the design, implementation, supervision, and restructuration of the administrative and financial processes of many clients. Viability studies, design, implementation, and operation of shared services centers. Management of accounting recoveries and financial situation updating and assuming the temporary responsibility over financial departments. Specialist in foreign clients, he has designed and written computer packages to report to foreign clients with a Spanish parent. Strategy and organization of the BPO operation at the national level. Restructure HR and functional organisation of Deloitte Private in Spain. A specialist in foreign clients, financial entities and in shared services centers projects, sector such as Coca Cola, Sareb, the Official Credit Institute, etc. 

Marcelino has a degree in Business from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; First Certificate in English from Cambridge; Analysis of Financial Statements diploma from School of Economics at the Madrid Institute of Economics. His home is in Madrid with his wife Marta, their son Marcelino (18) and daughter Mónica (16) and a flat in La Coruña, Galicia, Spain. Fan of Real Madrid. He continues playing football with his school alumni team. He loves horses and has his own, some of which race in Spain.