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Liesbeth Mol

Deloitte North South Europe Chair

Appointed: June, 2023

Resides: Netherlands

Age and gender: 50, female

Business background: Tax & Legal

Industry: Private, Consumer

Current Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte North South Europe Chair

Previous Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte North South Europe Board member
  • Deloitte Netherlands Executive member
  • Deloitte North South Europe Ethics Leader
  • Deloitte North South Europe Public Interest Consistency Committee Chair


Liesbeth is the Chair of the Deloitte North & South Europe Board. Prior to her election as NSE Chair, she was an NSE Board member and a member of the Executive Board in the Netherlands.

Before progressing to her Executive and Board roles, Liesbeth was a tax partner specialising in family business tax. Liesbeth has worked across a range of industries with clients including a luxury shoe manufacturer and a large and renowned oyster producer.

Liesbeth read Fiscal Economics at Tilburg University and joined Deloitte upon graduating.  Liesbeth is passionate about developing our purpose agenda, and has a leading role in developing diversity, in all aspects, across NSE. She is also an active participant in the Deloitte Women in Board’s and Female Executives programmes.

Liesbeth lives in the village of Heinkenszand in the province of Zeeland in the SW of the Netherlands. Liesbeth and Dirk have three dogs and have numerous other animals at home including sheep and chickens! Liesbeth enjoys spending time at her holiday home in Vlieland, a small island off the north coast of the Netherlands, taking long dog walks, horse riding and listening to classical music.