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Klaus Löffler

Deloitte DCE Chair

Appointed: June, 2019

Resides: Germany

Age and gender: 59, male

Business background: Audit & Assurance

Industry: Financial Services

Current Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte DCE Chair
  • Deloitte Germany Chair
  • Global Lead Client Service Partner (GLCSP) - various

Previous Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte Germany Audit and Assurance executive
  • Deloitte Germany Financial Services Industry Audit leadership
  • Deloitte Germany Regional Market Leader

External appointments:

  • Member of The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) Expert Committee FAIN


Klaus has more than 27 years of experience in providing audit and audit related services to national and international clients. He is Chair of the Deloitte Central Europe Board and Chair of Deloitte Germany.