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We are the People of Operate services

Mission-critical work. Leading-edge people.

Get to know some of the 90,000 people who work across Operate at Deloitte.

The people who don’t just give clients the facts or theory of what needs to be done, but who work with their teams to define, build, and deliver it—continuously. From creating new business models, to orchestrating more streamlined ways of working, to boosting existing teams with specialist skills and automation, to helping manage complex business functions—we thrive on helping clients achieve the unachievable.   

We harness the latest technologies, talent and capabilities from all over the world to bring the best of Deloitte and deliver ongoing outcomes across areas like tax compliance, cyber, financial crime, cloud and application management. We do more than only traditional business process outsourcing. We do more than just “keeping the lights on.” We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients and their customers, constantly adapting to the pace of change, to ideate, innovate, and embed continuous advantage at the heart of their operations. And we do it with the kind of drive and passion that comes from loving what you do—and who you do it with. We are the People of Operate services. 

Operate services

Operating core business services and functions to embed continuous advantage. Move beyond conventional outsourcing models into a world where you operate with agility and control.