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Deloitte Alumni

As you walk through life, it’s the people you meet that make all the difference. That’s why at Deloitte, we focus on fostering lifelong connections. 

Colleagues for life

At Deloitte, our people are our greatest asset. Whether you spend two years or twenty years with Deloitte, your contributions have impacted our people, clients, and global community. Our ambition is to embed a ‘colleague for life’ ethos into our work culture and encourage meaningful, enduring alumni relationships. We are proud to call you our colleague for life. 

United by a common purpose. Connected by shared experience.

As Deloitte alumni, you have earned a place in a worldwide network of remarkable people. Through Deloitte Global Alumni, you can access recent thought leadership, research and insights, tap into a diverse network of collaborative relationships and leverage the support and opportunities they offer.

 “Through our many alumni programs and resources, we’re here to support you in your professional journey. We hope you’ll take full advantage of your connection to Deloitte and leverage the exclusive offerings available to you as an alumni. We’re committed to helping you continue to make an impact that matters. Whether you follow us on social media, receive our newsletter or attend our local events, thank you for staying connected and being our colleague for life.” 

- Joe Ucuzoglu, CEO, Deloitte Global