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Bertrand Boisselier

Deloitte France Chair

Appointed: June, 2023

Resides: France

Age and gender: 56, male

Business background: Audit & Assurance

Industry: Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Retail, Transportation

Current Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte France Chair
  • Deloitte DCE Deputy Chair
  • Deloitte Francophone Africa Chair

Previous Deloitte appointments:

  • Deloitte France Executive member
  • Deloitte University EMEA President of Lima Management
  • Deloitte Global Operating Committee member
  • Deloitte France Board member


Bertrand’s career has deliberatively been relentlessly focused on client service in an international context essentially in Audit. His executive & operational experiences allow him to understand the challenges of international groups in challenging growing domains in Retail, Transportation and Technology. As global lead service client partner (GLCSP), he serves large multinational Audit & Advisory clients. Bertrand has been elected DCE Deputy Chair and Deloitte France and Francophone Africa Chair, starting June 2023.

Prior to these roles, he was a member of the Deloitte France Executive from 2010 to 2017 then of the Deloitte France Board from 2019 to 2023. Bertrand has had different roles at Deloitte Global, notably Global Audit Leadership team (2007-2010), Chair of Global COO Council (2015-2017) and Global Operating Committee member (2015-2019). Bertrand has 28 years experience with Deloitte and 7 years experience as Group Senior VP – Finance, IT and Purchasing of the Atos group (2000-2007).

Bertrand is a French Chartered accountant & Statutory auditor and is a graduate of ESCEM Business School.

Bertrand’s professional energy is fuelled by a personal balance that he finds at home, with his family. He is married and has 3 sons. Bertrand is a football & rugby fan and is music addicted. He is deeply curious to discover other cultures and eager to explore uncommon destinations, having travelled to several astonishing and remote countries. Bertrand is passionate about history, and he is an avid reader of biographies of those who have made contemporary and recent History.