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Support for Ukraine

When the news broke that Russia had invaded Ukraine, Deloitte was prepared and mobilized our organization to move quickly. We brought the strength of our global resources to bear in providing support and assistance to Deloitte Ukraine people and their families. We also activated initiatives to support the immediate and long-term humanitarian needs of the people of Ukraine.


2022 Global Impact Report

Building better futures

Providing for the safety of our colleagues

With the safety and wellbeing of our people as our top priority, Deloitte worked swiftly to help colleagues in Ukraine and their family members move to safety, as well as support those who chose to remain in the country. Deloitte continues to help Deloitte Ukraine people move, as needed, as well as support those who have stayed.

To address Ukrainian colleagues’ immediate and essential needs, Deloitte member firms in the region provided temporary housing, financial support, counseling, and immigration and legal assistance.

Deloitte also made the decision to exit its practices in Russia and Belarus. Our organization no longer operates in those countries.

Serving Ukrainian refugees’ needs

Deloitte people around the world have shown their strong solidarity and support to Ukrainians by providing donations and time—including both pro bono services and volunteer work—to global and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Deloitte people, member firms and foundations have made financial donations totaling more than US$7 million to support the humanitarian needs of those impacted by the war.

Since the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, donations were directed to the International Committee of the Red Cross and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, as well as to the Deloitte Poland Foundation, which in turn donated to local NGOs. In addition, Deloitte Global joined other major global organizations in signing the Tent Partnership for Refugees pledge, a commitment to provide short- and longer-term support for people leaving Ukraine and refugees worldwide.

The Deloitte Poland Foundation has been at the heart of many of the initiatives in Europe to support Ukrainians who have fled their homes, including providing food, housing, health care and psychological support. One of the NGOs it has supported is the Our Choice Foundation, which runs the Ukrainian House in Warsaw—the first contact point for many refugees. The Deloitte Poland Foundation provided donations to purchase 10 tons of food to supply food banks in Poland and Lithuania that provide meals to reception points and organizations helping refugees. In addition, other Deloitte firms contributed directly through their foundations, such as the Deloitte Romania Foundation, which donated to World Vision Romania, to set up two facilities to provide educational and counselling services for Ukrainian children in Romania.

Deloitte Ukraine provides assurance services (on a pro bono basis) to UNITED24, an initiative launched by the President of Ukraine as the main platform for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. The platform allows legal entities and individuals to direct money broadly in three main directions: 1) to support the Ukrainian army and demining, 2) to rebuild infrastructure and 3) to support humanitarian needs, including rebuilding destroyed hospitals.

Around the world, Deloitte has launched local giving campaigns, as well as volunteer and pro bono initiatives. Examples include:

  • Deloitte Central Europe developed an app called IRENA. A chatbot that provides assistance to refugees, the app has been shared with NGOs operating in countries receiving refugees from Ukraine, including Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.
  • Deloitte Ireland, working in partnership with Ireland’s Office of the Revenue Commissioners, is helping Ukrainians access employment opportunities in Ireland. Deloitte Ireland practitioners supported Revenue’s development of virtual workers to speed up the registration process for Ukrainian refugees. More than 3,000 Ukrainian people have been helped, enabling them to start work more easily.
  • Deloitte Spain has provided pro bono assistance to the Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR), an NGO that is playing a key role in the reception and integration process for refugees from Ukraine. When CEAR needed to increase its capacity so it could serve more refugees, Deloitte Spain supported them to quickly pre-select more than 120 staff.
  • Deloitte US is providing pro bono support to HealthRight International, an NGO that expands equitable access to quality health systems for marginalized communities. HealthRight has been working to build accessible, equitable systems of care in Ukraine since 2005, providing housing, health care and social support to over 125,000 people affected by violence throughout the country. With the start of the war, the organization shifted to provide critically needed humanitarian support services to Ukrainians across the country. Deloitte US is providing strategic and financial advisory support to help the organization navigate the crisis and achieve an even greater impact at scale.

Deloitte has also fostered a variety of employee-led initiatives. The Deloitte Poland Foundation created an online platform where Deloitte people can connect and share ideas. To date, almost 500 people have collaborated on more than 50 initiatives, leveraging their unique skills and experience to assist those in need. For example, our people prepared a practical guide to help Ukrainian colleagues navigate their new environments and access critical information and resources. Individuals also coordinated a clothing drive to collect business attire, which was donated to foundations that support refugees as they seek employment. In addition, a Deloitte Spain professional is raising funds to support the United Nations Refugee Agency by swimming across the English Channel.

A long-term commitment to refugees

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and across Europe continues, we will remain steadfast in our support of our Deloitte Ukraine colleagues and those impacted by the ongoing war. Deloitte is committed to supporting education, skills building and employment opportunities for refugees and displaced persons, in Europe and beyond.

In a year of global challenges with a deeply human impact, Deloitte sought to support and inspire our people and communities, making an impact that matters in society.


Stasha Santifort
Purpose and Social Impact Leader