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Prompt for Change

Delivering Trustworthy AI™ for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Unified customer data and responsible use of AI present opportunities to deliver bespoke customer experiences and to supercharge company productivity. However, achieving this goes beyond a simple prompt. Guided by Trustworthy AI™ for CRM, Deloitte Digital helps organizations harness the power of AI with confidence, together with Salesforce.

Managing customer interactions with AI and CRM

One of the most powerful applications of GenAI is in managing customer interactions. Implementing it effectively can improve customer engagement, deliver better employee experiences, and increase the human connections between buyers and brands. But achieving these outcomes will require both creativity and the ability to execute.

Many companies have sought to improve customer experiences through technology the last few years. The focus has been on trying to make interactions more responsive and personalized, increasing digital capabilities and self-service, and being more predictable and efficient. Results have been mixed, with many organizations still facing complex and manual processes, insufficient insights from data, and inconsistent adoption of new capabilities. However, GenAI provides a renewed opportunity to help address these challenges and accelerate unprecedented change and impact.

The Guide to GenAI for CRM explores the GenAI applications across the customer journey, diving into which use cases have the highest business value for each functional domain, and concluding with chapters on Trustworthy AI™ for CRM and how to get started.

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Value of Generative AI

Looking across AI use cases, we have identified six major ways that AI can create value for a business:


Applying AI and intelligent automation solutions to automate tasks that are relatively low value and often repetitive, reducing costs through improved efficiency and quality.


Reducing the time required to achieve operational and business results by minimizing latency.


Improving understanding and decision making through analytics that are more proactive, predictive, and able to see patterns in increasingly complex sources.


Changing the way people interact with technology, enabling businesses to engage with people on human terms rather than forcing humans to engage on machine terms.


Redefining where to play and how to win by using AI to enable innovative new products, markets, and business models.


Enhancing brand trust by delivering quality and consistent operations


Explore how to trust and embrace AI to drive business value, create personalized customer experiences at scale, and increase employee productivity.

Risks & Limitations of Generative AI

Trustworthy AI™ for CRM

Prompted by the extraordinary potential of data and AI, we can deliver Trustworthy AI™ for CRM, helping to enable our clients to seize the competitive edge with confidence. With trust as our guiding principle, we help create bespoke customer engagement and unlock new dimensions of productivity and scale.

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