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M&A Central

Dynamic, real-time executive dashboards

Deloitte’s proprietary, market-leading cloud-based program management tool is designed to support and accelerate M&A and divestiture transactions, strategic transformation or restructuring projects, and value-realization.

Introducing M&A Central

M&A Central is an M&A-specific SaaS application that provides program management capabilities across the program management lifecycle including: creating, collecting, evaluating, prioritizing, and approving the execution of initiatives; managing and controlling program and project progress, scope, delivery schedule, cost, dependencies, risks, issues, change, communications, and quality; measuring, tracking, and reporting program, initiative and project achievements in comparison to the approved business case, including planned, actual and forecast results; and continuously monitoring the overall portfolio of programs, initiatives, and projects by visibility to assess the portfolio governance and portfolio results.

Key statistics

US$200 billion

historical deal value supported by M&A Central


deals in which M&A Central has been developed as the leading asset


countries have seen live deployment



Provides a real-time summary of the program and initiative status across all project milestones, risks, actions, issues, and decisions.


Efficiently tracks, monitors, and adjusts workstream activities to achieve overall program goals and dependencies.


Enables risk quantification and qualification through tracking and mitigation management.


Consolidates and prioritizes action items according to importance and urgency.


Streamlines reporting of active program impediments across workstreams with escalation and resolution management.


Improves transparency and auditability via a single repository of open and finalized decisions including fields for rationale.

Program Reports

Reduces administrative burden by streamlining executive reporting across workstreams. Enables teams to provide narratives of recent accomplishments, challenges and progress on Workplan and RAID matters.

Value Capture

Integrates cost-saving tracking and management for overall program and individual initiatives including gross savings, recurring savings, and costs to achieve.

Clean Room & Document Repository

Supports secure document management and clean room capabilities to store program artifacts and maintain tool as single source of truth for program.

What our leaders say

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Dynamic, real-time executive dashboards

Key features

M&A Central streamlines the entire M&A process, from initiative creation, evaluation, and execution approval, to monitoring of progress, scope, and costs. The platform also offers advanced measurement and reporting tools to enable strong governance and achieve optimal results, bringing clarity, visibility and control throughout the M&A lifecycle.

  • Streamlined project management
  • Real-time executive status dashboards
  • Consolidated synergy tracking
  • Interactive program-level roadmaps
  • Secured clean room
  • Digital process blueprinting 
  • Customized and consistent reporting 
  • No version control issue between teams or locations

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