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Ready to solve your pressing sustainability and climate challenges?

Driven by purpose. Guided by experience. Deloitte and Google Cloud are at your service.

Complex sustainability and climate challenges require innovative solutions. With Deloitte and Google Cloud on your side, those solutions are within reach. Think of it: Google’s next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and geospatial technology. Deloitte’s industry and domain experience. All working together to help enterprises around the world reduce emissions, scale green offerings, create sustainable communities, and achieve a prosperous net zero future. And we've only just begun. It's time for your organization to join the movement, realize your boldest sustainability goals, and win in the green economy. It's time to reinvent the game. 

Spatial Finance for Climate

Trillions of dollars are ready to be invested in sustainability. But where should that capital go, and how can investors know it is being invested wisely and driving real outcomes? Deloitte, Google Cloud and our wider ecosystem have created a Spatial Finance solution, designed to help investors and financial services organizations assess climate and nature risks, and use their investments to drive green and sustainable outcomes.

Combining geo-spatial datasets, earth observation imagery, Internet-of-Things sensors, AI, and the power of Google Earth Engine, the solution delivers environmentally relevant insights into specific commercial assets, revealing the full environmental footprint of customer portfolios, right down to individual fields, factories, mines, warehouses, or other physical assets, anywhere in the world.


Chris Neale - Partner, Data & Analytics | Deloitte UK

James Cranswick - Director | Deloitte UK

Energy Transition and Electrification

For many carbon-intensive organizations seeking to decarbonize, electrification is the answer. But electrified vehicle fleets, heating systems, and commercial and industrial operations will all place massive new demands on our electricity infrastructure. How will those systems be able to handle this transition, affordably?

Deloitte and Google Cloud are helping several businesses and utilities facilitate energy transition and electrification with two flagship solutions. Electrified Fleet is an end-to-end analysis and assessment service which enables organizations to plan, implement, and manage vehicle fleet electrification. Electrified Grid creates a digital twin of the electricity grid, enabling organizations to simulate new demands while helping utilities, regulators, and governments consider non-traditional ways to deliver electricity affordably.  

Additionally, Deloitte can help secure infrastructure grants and investments, and assist in sourcing the critical supply chain components needed to scale zero-emission vehicle adoption and accelerate energy transition.

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Anders McKenziePartner, Technology Media & Telecom and Electrified Fleet Lead  | Deloitte Canada

Gavin McTavishPartner, Electrified Grid Lead | Deloitte Canada

Sustainable Value Chain
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Today's consumers are actively looking for green products and services, and are highly adept at detecting insincerity and greenwashing efforts. Naturally, businesses are looking to drive growth in this rapidly accelerating, multi-billion-dollar market. But how can they do so in an ethical and transparent manner? 

Two solutions from Deloitte and Google Cloud are helping businesses create transparency, reduce carbon footprints, and unlock the value of sustainable low-carbon products and services. ClearCarbon™ enables organizations to quantify the effectiveness of their emissions reduction efforts. ConvergeCONSUMER™ enables retailers to deploy their people and resources more efficiently and sustainably.

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Tom BoisvertManaging Director | ClearCarbon™  | Deloitte US

Ben StillerPrincipal | ConvergeCONSUMER™ | Deloitte US

Data Decarbonization and Green Migrations

Generative AI, the Internet-of-Things, autonomous vehicles, and new, digital business models are all driving a global explosion in data. By some estimates, data could be responsible for up to 20% of global greenhouse gasses by 2030 – unless that data is generated and stored in green clouds and infrastructure.

Google has been carbon neutral since 2007, and is working with Deloitte to be carbon free by 2030. Together, we are creating the green cloud, and green infrastructure, to help clients reduce emissions, optimize infrastructure and workloads, and increase sustainability across their on-premise and cloud environments. Our Data Decarbonization strategy enables organizations to reduce carbon footprints generated by this exponential growth of data. Our Green Migration solution helps businesses get to net zero faster and embeds sustainability into operations. 


Fabien LopezDirector | Data Decarbonization SME | Deloitte Switzerland

Cecile GalvezManaging Director | Green Migration Lead | Deloitte US

Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure

Cities – the source of over 40% of greenhouse gases globally – are growing more crowded every day. As a result, housing is becoming less affordable, and critical infrastructure is becoming more vulnerable to floods, fires, droughts, and violent storms. How can municipal leaders deal with these pressing challenges effectively?

Deloitte and Google are working with city planners and real estate developers to create more livable, green communities with reduced carbon footprints, supported by resilient infrastructure and transportation systems. Our digital twin technology makes use of geospatial data, Google Maps insights, and AI to create living master plans, enabling increased density, improved revenues, reduced carbon footprints, enhanced livability, greater green space, more sustainable energy use, and fewer inequities. The technology can also be used to explore scenarios, optimize planning, accelerate outcomes, and build more resilient infrastructure. 


Anant DinamaniUS Google Alliance S&C Lead | Sustainable infrastructure Lead | Deloitte US

Marco MacagnanoSenior ManagerCity Digital Twin Lead | Deloitte Canada

Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Land Management

Agriculture is responsible for approximately 20% of global greenhouse gases. Mono-crops and mono-forests are threatening local and global biodiversity. And climate change is increasing the intensity of forest fires, droughts, floods and storms. How can our farms adapt to these challenges and continue to deliver the food the world relies on? 

Deloitte is combining our ClearCarbonTM emission-reduction quantification solution with the AI and geospatial capabilities in the Google Earth Engine, helping producers and governments implement sustainable land management strategies, unlock the value of regenerative agriculture, and mitigate the risks of devastating climate disasters. Over time, this will help rebuild soil health, sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity and food security, and mitigate climate change impacts to the agriculture industry. 

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Tom BoisvertManaging Director | ClearCarbon™ | Deloitte US

Jamie SawchukGlobal Alphabet Google Sustainability & Climate Lead | Deloitte Canada