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Welcome, Deloitte alumni

Get connected, stay connected

As a former Deloitte employee, you will be all too aware the vital role networking plays in helping you stay ahead of the game. The relationships you forged with us shouldn’t end when you leave; they are a lifelong career resource.

Alumni of Deloitte in The Bahamas


Our alumni network not only allows you to stay in touch with former colleagues; it allows you to continue to tap into our leading-edge expertise.

Having played a part in our success, I’m sure you realise the value our thought leadership can bring to your career.

Membership of the Deloitte alumni network ensures:

  • Frequent Deloitte and alumni news updates
  • Invitations to alumni-specific events such as annual receptions, department-specific meetings and business briefings
  • Invitations to client events specific to your role and industry sector
  • Access to publications and leading-edge research

Staying connected to our alumni is important to us. We believe it should also be as important to you and for you. We look forward to meeting you at future events.


You are also invited to join our Alumni LinkedIn group, which will enable you to keep up to date with former colleagues as their careers evolve.

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