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Deloitte and Oracle, Sustainable digital transformation

Together with Deloitte and Oracle, accelerate business value through a future-focused, unified sustainable digital transformation 


Sustainability by design

Organizations are facing consumer, employee and regulatory pressures to limit environmental impacts and incorporate sustainability into their business and decision-making processes. Technology has a role to play as organizations seek to understand and reduce their environmental footprint and carbon impact. Deloitte's industry experience and methodologies can help your organization achieve its sustainability goals and embrace a sustainable digital transformation with Oracle application extensions. 

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Sustainable digital transformation

As ESG regulations and businesses evolve together, future-proofing is invaluable. Technology can be one step on the path to sustainability. It can empower data collection, management and reporting, helping organizations navigate the complex journey toward a more sustainable future. Organizations can help build toward future success by leveraging a large-scale cloud platform that presents a unified view of an organization. Discover how the right technology can be a catalyst for enabling decision-making and transformative sustainability with MIT Technology Review Insights: Integrating sustainability into business strategy.

Make sustainability a key pillar in your digital transformation journey with Deloitte and Oracle.

Deloitte and Oracle Alliance

Whether you are starting a new transformation journey, already have a sustainability objective in mind or have already implemented Oracle technology and are looking to maximize your investments—Deloitte and Oracle can help accelerate your sustainable digital transformation.

“If you’ve recently invested in a transformation, it’s a great moment to think about how you can maximize the value of your investment and leverage those new tools to start to respond to sustainability requirements.”

Clare Nkweto Simmonds, director, Deloitte MCS Limited