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Life at Deloitte

Rosena Duncanson, The Bahamas

"The relationships and networks that I have developed have made Deloitte an enjoyable place for professional growth."

Name: Rosena Duncanson
Position: Director
Department: Risk Advisory
College Attended: Tennessee State University
Degree Completed: Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Date that you joined Deloitte: April 7th, 2008

What do you like most about your role?

I really enjoy the variety of the work and the opportunity to assist clients and team members.

What attracted you to Deloitte?
Deloitte offered a challenging and dynamic environment with endless opportunities for learning and growth.

Describe your day to day role
No one day is the same in my role. The work I am involved in varies - I could be involved with control assurance one day and a consulting opportunity the next.

What else have your been involved with since joining Deloitte?
Outside of the planned social events held throughout the year, I have been a part of Deloitte’s community related activities as a member of the IMPACT Day committee and an advisor to the Junior Achievement Program.

What is Deloitte’s role in your longer term career goals?
My experiences has allowed me to look strategically at where I want to go but also where my skills and abilities are best suited and need to be developed. As it relates to my future career goals I know the training I have received; professional skills, technical training and life skills obtained will only be strengthened as I progress through my career over the next few years.

What have you enjoyed most?
It is very difficult to pinpoint just one thing, but the relationships and networks that I have developed have definitely played a role in making Deloitte an enjoyable place for professional growth.