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2024 Financial Services Outlook

Investing in digital transformation

In 2024, the technological turbulence - including generative AI, the transition to the cloud, increased fraud and cyber risk, and blurring of industry lines, such as the embedded finance trend - will require financial services leaders to be much more agile than ever. 

History shows the financial services industry has frequently been a catalyst for progress, helping organizations and people manage economic and societal changes. New strategic digital proccesses and roadmaps will need to be created to help firms gain competitive advantages, while optimizing current successes.  

By decade’s end, financial services leaders may look back at 2024 as the year the future started to unfold, in real terms. Those who choose to invest in that digital future now, to catalyze the creation of new products and services that can enable positive outcomes, could set the stage in the new era of digital transformation. 

Explore our outlooks in Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance, and Investment Management to learn more. 


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